When one door closes, another one opens.

This category will be dedicated to my thoughts on how I started to work in marketing, interning and could be applied to other careers. Also, what I experienced when I was school and the options I had. I may not be an expert and totally not trying to show off but it might help someone out there.

Finding a placement in Marketing.

At university I was studying business management and it included a placement year. Similar to interning, lasts for a year and you take time out of your studies. I looked into roles of marketing and advertising.

I knew from an early age that working in media, advertising or marketing would be competitive and to get into these jobs you need experience. I needed a placement!

However, after months of applying, I was getting no where…

Many doors closed and rejections.

I had interviews lined up early on in the year. I started to apply in September and December came by really quick. Suddenly, it was Easter and still no offers! What was I doing wrong?! The interviewers said they ‘loved my confidence’ and my presentations in interviews were great- but why weren’t there any job offers?

I remember one day in class, they asked pupils to raise their hand to show the course leaders you didn’t have a placement. I would be the one in class, raising their hand and sometimes ashamed to put their hand up.

I felt very emotional and I spent a day in my room really upset. The deal was, that if you didn’t find a placement in the last term of the academic year, you were not allowed to do a placement! I believed this wouldn’t be an option for me.


Luckily, after months of applying, interviews and rejections…I manage to line up an interview at EA Games. The HQ in the UK where they product manage games like FIFA, Star Wars and Sims. At the interview, I had to show my passion for marketing and advertising. Indeed, like this interview was my very last chance! Few days later, I nailed the interview and was offered a role to work in retail marketing.

The whole process of rejection has given me skills and a great learning curve for applying jobs. Even when applying for jobs after university, I like to think about all those times I faced rejection and think how far I got. That I am passionate about working in this field and need to show why I want that job.

Tips on facing rejection

It might be hard, painful and you feel like giving up. Don’t let it consume you! Use that as determination in wanting succeed and passion to fuel yourself. Grab that goal and job you truly deserve.

Here are a few things that has helped me cope with rejection when applying for jobs:

1. You are destined for greatness.

Cheesy as it sounds, it is true. You need to believe you are. Otherwise, the interviewer won’t believe what you are telling to them and will see right through you. Show your passion!

2. Have a support network.

If I didn’t have friends or family to go to during times of rejection, I think I would of pulled my hair out! It’s ok to cry for one day, but the next day you need to stop and keep going! Perseverance is key and don’t do it alone.

3. Write your goals down as a reminder of what you want to achieve.

4. It’s ok to take a break.

Don’t beat yourself if you didn’t get the job. Take some rest, go shop for a new interview out or meet up with a friend for comfort.

5. Read your CV and Cover Letter before your interview.

Before an interview, I always give myself enough time to go through my CV and Cover letter. Time to reflect about the main skills and experience I have learnt  and that I can express in the interview. Go to a cafe that is near your interview, to do this and to calm yourself down.

6. Vision where you want to be.

I believe in the power of thought. Try not to think negatively and think about the company you wish to work for. I never thought I would land my current job working at Apple HQ.

7. Confidence.

You can be your worst critic. The same person who is interviewing you, has gone through the same process. They want to know more about you and you need to show you’re the best person they can hire. If you stumble, just pause and keep on going. Take time to answer your questions.

9. You have time.

Don’t take the piss with time. What I mean is-  that you have time to learn what you want to do in life. If that interview didn’t work out, you still have time to apply for another.

10. When one door closes, another one opens.

Remember this statement. You will find something. If you truly want it and are willing to give it your all, I am sure you will succeed. Just think about how great it will be when you finally do!